Extrusion Press


With serial production, we are producing quick solutions for your projects with our one and only Extrusion Press System in Turkey.

Manufacturing Advantage


Thanks to its soft surface and multi-layer structure, it does not require sanding. It provides the most favorable conditions for the door press.



Chipboard boards are about 50-60% lighter than solid wood lumber. Lightweight Tubular Chipboard plates are easier to cut, process and use.



Tubular chipboard panels provide high-level sound and heat insulation. It contributes to your budget with energy saving advantage.

What is Tubular Chipboard?


The Tubular Chipboard plate is done by pressing the wood raw material by applying adhesive, heat and vertical pressure. This mixture, which passes through the pressing process, becomes a usable plate in furniture.

Since the usage areas of Tubular (perforated) Chipboard products differ their thickness also have various thicknesses. The thicknesses used in kitchen cabinets, bedrooms, bathroom cabinets and TV units are quite different from each other. For this reason, Chipboard products are produced in different thicknesses. The specific gravity of the plate is homogeneous at different points.It is a low weight material, yet it is resistant to impacts. Tubular Chipboard’s cost is lower. It provides sound and heat insulation, is fire resistant.


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